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Hace un buen de tiempo que no escribo na, y no es por que no quiera o no tenga anda que decir, pero mi única neurona esta ocupada en buscar como sobrevivir los próximos 8 meses al menos….

Sin embargo, siempre hay momentos para soltar algunas verdades incomodas contra el clero que no las puedo dejar pasar asi nada mas y sin darlas a conocer como por ejemplo que las Universidades provadas como la Iberoamericana o la Anahuac, además de mostrar un nivel académico obcenamente bajo en ciencias sociales, en ingenierias … bueno mejor ni las mencionemos… Digo no dudo que haya materias que no se den teorico practicas como pederastía 1, 2, 3 y avanzados, golpear y castigar a niños 1 y 2, estos tópicos son únicamente cubiertos por las Universidades de los Jesuitas y patrocinados por los gobiernos de derecha y de centro-derecha que son altamente corruptos como el PRI y el PAN, claro que el PRD es el maestro en corrupción como ya lo han dejado bien claro…. verdad Juanito…


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Something to chat about…

After we arrived to Li-Jiang airport, there was an impressive small cab waiting for us to move us from that point towards the old-called city. It was quite late and we were so tired, we travelled around 4 hours from Guangzhou to that city. After reaching the hostel we basically drop the luggage and went straight to sleep the next day was just few hour ahead.

Next day… I was quite amassed by two things the first one is that China share a single time-line so at 7 am in Shanghai still dark in the Li-Jiang area and the atmosphere in that part of the city was quite near to my village as you can see in few pics before. Well our trip towards the mountains started around 6.30 am and we walked from our hostel towards the main entrance for bout 10 min carrying lots of things. We arrived to the meeting point and wait for a bit for the guys… I’ve to say that those guys are the best in the field, they know quite well the routes and are quite skilled drivers…

Right, here are a couple of pics of the starting trip…

The above pic starts the trip towards the mountain…

After travelling few hours into the mountain we saw plenty of country and enjoy the time, weather, dialect, among other interesting things ;P

In that city we went to visit a typical Tibetan family and as usual they presented a sort of entertainment for the foreigners, well only me was the foreigner, the other were just from different part of China ;P. the tradition in this minority is that the family is ruled by women, so in here the men are only like another gadget that the family can use…

Next day we moved towards one of the important temples in the region, by the way it was so bloody cold, I reckon we reach -17 C, and dry as hell!!!!

That day we been into several temples as in all the “religions” is just about money. They asked for almost everything, but at the end they were most nice that, let say other sort of ….

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Riding the Red Dragon… towards Lijiang

After we arrive in the Guangzhow international airport, twice as big as the Benito Juarez, and far better organized, we went to document our luggage, and here my friends our real trip started…

For some weird reason our tickets were wrong, nothing different from Europe or the UK, but those guys gave us the ticket at the end of the day and we took our plane and, as it was defined, we arrived to a middle-huge city to change towards Lijiang. Well my friends, I’ve never experienced this kind of coordination before not in the UK or Europe and for sure NOT in gringolandia. When we arrived into this airport, a couple of employees from the airline were waiting for us to give us the new tickets and information related with the link towards Lijiang. I was amused by the kind of help that those guys gave us.

Well, we arrived in Lijiang at 11 or 12 am, I don’t remember we flu for around 3 hours, I think ;P. As we booked a cab, it was already waiting for us. as you may know I’m not a short man, well sort off, and the cab was small, even smaller than a smart or athos. After one hour we arrived into the main city, and after move between some dark streets, the guys told us that the city was divided into the “old city” and the “new city” and indeed, it was divided and the boundaries ar well defined. The guys also told us that is forbidden to drive a car inside of the old city and not even bikes are allowed to circulate in there.

After arrive into the hostel, we were informed that we have to pay a city-tax (around £8). We slept there and amasing place and not too expensive at all. As you may know, China has just one time zone, so when the sun is rising at, let say, 7 am in Shanghai, in Tibet region still dark!!! so we came out around 8 :P. the place is simply AMASING!!!!!!!

This picture shows our hostel, by the way the guys in there are so helpful, nice and are always keen to help even though their English is so basic as the same as their Spanish ;P.

When we arrive to the main square, I found that the city is on a river or surrounded by a river, but I still thinking that we were on the river…. here a bit of it

The view of the main city is …. rather amasing is impressive

As you may see, there are dragons all over the place, and here is a detail of it..

The minority over this place keep this city (old city) for tourism, mainly domestic, but I found few Dutch people and a couple of British, as the same as me, lost in translation ;P.

Walking ….

We walk all day over the place and in the hostel offer us a trip towards Shangri-La.  Here concludes day two …

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Foshang… day one …

After arrived on Guangzhou, the first impact was at the same that when arrive in London, the cultural shock is simply amazing!!! Despite that my brain was completely mad because of the small change in time, I was so keen to go out and go around and see if the books that I’ve been reading have something true about the “real China”, but I was kindly disappointed by those bloody books…

Weirdly, I’ve got lost after go out of the passport point, despite this airport is not too big, is at least twice as much as the Benito Juarez (shame), I can figure it out how big is the Hong Kong or Beijing is those are the “bigger” in here. Right, Grace without “dis” (local joke), After call her because I came out by the wrong door, or basically I didn’t follow the “normal rules” weird in me ;P, she found me and as always she was un-happy to see me, indeed ;P. After came put of the airport, I was amused by their infrastructure, and by the name of cranes that I saw in the one hour trip, and the number of buildings as well as the farms just next to the road, it was by far educational than anything. Well arriving in Foshang, it was so hot and humid (for me of course) for the natives, it was cold (around 14 C @ 60% humidity). We moved from the central bus station towards her place at the city centre. From that point, god in hell, I need café and I need it now… I’m besides tired, so sleepy, hungry, and hot.

We moved from that place into the city centre. We been in an amazing temple… as you see in the next set of pics…

I spent ages, but seriously I mean ages, there are plenty of people (tourist and beggars), those bloody beggars ask you for everything and if you dare to give them 1 yuan, you are screw they want more, or they cursed you ;P

Just after cross the main entrance there are plenty of fonts, but this is quite representative for the number of dogs contained and in particular this kind of dogs, quite local and quite interesting, having say that I told her that I was so keen in go further in there…

Near to this part of the palace or temple, was a stage for a kind of local opera called Cantonese Opera, apparently it was quite exquisite compared with Beijing one or Shanghai…

Continuing in this huge place, is time to see dragons, indeed…

It is time to show you the wishes tree, you can buy a small paper or plastic and put in here, the highest the better for you wish ;P

Finally, for this place there is a special place dedicated to Confucius, nice place, a bit small, but … interesting despite the place was so crowded and a bit lonely at the same time…

When we moved from this place, Grace told me about a garden in the middle of the city, but at this time I wanted to cut my hair, yes, I wanted it, and she took me a place to do it… sorry I’m a bit naughty, and proud of it… ell after my hair cut, we moved to this place…

It is near to a fabella, or so, but the place is nice conserved and quite old!!!

Inside of this garden there is a small lake, as well as plenty of small rooms to rest, eat and enjoy…

As you may see, this garden is nice and even lonely for such a monster-city

After came out of this place we return to my hotel, because it was a bit cold and I was wearing just a thin coat. After came out we had dinner in a posh restaurant where you can eat fancy and delicious things, what can I say, it was Cantonese cuisine ;P. Next day, a bit more relaxed as well as more happy with the local time, we been around, I was so keen in buy another coat, as well as coffee ;P. An interesting think is that the malls open late, as in Mexico around 11 or 12 pm. So we been around, I found  a place that sell coffee in a small mall. As it was quite early we been walking while reach the Grace’s school.

The school was huge, I mean huge, as everything in here, now I understand why the village is the village jajajajajaja. In here all the student come to school on bikes, so as the same as in Stuttgart or Amsterdam there were plenty of bikes, Grace told me that by the shape, color and cleanness of the bike you can guess the owner personality… from that point we moved towards the main mall to eat something local, Japanese cuisine ;P.

After we passes for one of this huge and amazing malls, we been into the 6th floor, and as I was expected, similar as in Sevilla, here was a compound of small and big restaurants, so we eat sushi, noodles, tea, of course and beer. At this point the weather was a bit cold and so humid, but in the middle time, i started to feel a bit awkward in my stomach, so we look for a toilet…. we found it, but not quite… lets say that the loo is a bit different than in western countries and I had a small issue with that, there was not a manual of how to use… so, so… literally I …. on the “other” side of the toilet …

End of day in Foshan…

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Report and letter document style in latex…

Continuing with the latex version…. Alright if we need to make a quite fancy and letter or report we need to start with these few lines in our document…


\title{How to Structure a LaTeX Document}
\author{Seario that’s me ;-P}
\date{January 2010}

First line defines the characteristics of our document such as font size, paper sheet size, print on one side, can be both sides, and in a separate squared brackets we specify which kind of document we need, in this we specify report, but it can be letter, as well. Continuing with the inner commands, are fixed commands which create in a clever and fancy way, if I may say, the report cover. After this point we can start to write our report.

In order to specify each of the parts of our report there are specific commands to say so. These commands, as you may notice now, are defined with the “\” character… so the commands that we are using are


\section{name of the section}

\subsection{name of the subsection}

\subsubsection{name of the sub sub section ;-P}



Each one of those commands will be reflected on the main index, however if it is necessary to define one section or subsection and we think that it is not necessary to be specified on the main index, we can just add an asterisk before the left-bracket (\section*{name of the section})

Right, after mentioned that we can add a main index in our work, we can specify several indexes in our work specifying tables, figures, etc. So, the commands are




Those commands have to be specified after the start the main document right after specify the header



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Salida a China, de Shithampton – Heathrow – CDG – Guangzhou – Foshan

Eran las 4 de la mañana cuando sonó el despertador, … que dia es hoy… es.. hora… El taxi va a llegar en un rato mas y no he terminado de empacar… ‘ta madre…

Listo!!! vamonos a highfield interchange, espero que no llegue tarde el autobus… 4.45 am pinche national express otra vez tarde… 4.55 am (por cierto TODOS los pinches medio de transporte en la isla esta retrazado cuando menos 5 min) , al fin, que frio esta haciendo, bedi haber traido la chamarra verde y no esta fregadera, que frio… bueno al fin ya en camino hacia Heathrow…

6.50 am llegando a Heatrhow, m veamos y a que terminal voy? a la 4? ver……de (a correr se ha dicho), considerando que Heathrow tiene 5 terminales y dos de ellas están separadas (4 y 5) y la única forma de llegar es por medio de un tren que sale cada 15 min y si a esto le ponemos mas sabor y … digo que mi vuelo para Paris es a las 7.45 eso me da menos de 30 minutos para poner mis maletas, dar de alta el vuelo y llegar a la puerta de embarque…

Llegando a la terminal 4, a documentar la maleta, bueno veamos esta maquinita… chingada madre no sirve… (7.10 am), la siguiente máquina, señora apurese… (7.15 am), documentando, que? como que el vuelo no aparce? (7.20 am) ya documentando y… que mi maleta no puede irse por esta banda, que debo ir a la puerta 46 y alli debo entregarla, me carga la chingada!!!! (7.30 am) …. termine de pasar los controles de seguridad y … la puerta de salida es la 54 y estoy en la… 2!!!! a correr (otra vez) 7.44 am llego a la puerta de salida (todo sudado, con hambre y sin siquiera haber ido al baño!!!) ela vion esta lleno y nomas estan esperando a otras dos personas que llegaron 20 min tarde!!!! en loq ue suben el equipaje y bla, dan las 8.20 am… Llegando a Paris CHG a las 11.30 am, mi vuelo para Guangzhou es a las … 13.30 hrs, ufff, tengo tiempo de ir de shoping…

Terminal de salida 2E, la cual esta a medio km de donde bajamos (12.10 pm), ta-madre a caminar otra vez. Después de pasar dos controles de seguridad, hacer fila un par de veces llego a la terminal 2E puerta 22 y mi puerta es la 67, para esto ya son las 13.10 hrs (sin comentarios) a correr… 13.30 hrs abordando hacia Guangzhou, China, hora estimada de llegada 6.30 am hora local….

Subiendo al avión para mi sorpresa no es airfrance sino una filial que se llama China South-algo…. ni pex espero que no me toque cerca del baño ni mucho menos en medio de la hilera de 5 …. Para mi buen suerte me tocó en uno de los asientos que esta cerca de los corredores y mas o menos a la mitad… como era de esperarse todos los controles, revistas y … básicamente todo esta en Chino…sin embargo, debo decir que son bastante considerados, pero todas las instrucciones están explicadas y dadas en Chino (Mandarin, Cantonés), inglés y francés…. También no soy el único (extranjero) que viaja a Guangzhou, en mi misma hilera hay un ingles, una chica que es de tailandia y varios franceses…. ah y … varias chinitas ;-P…

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Latex few basic commands…

If you want to write something such as your thesis, a paper, an article, or simply you are the kind of people who likes to do the things in a professional manner, well I’m so glad to give you the welcome to the latex world ;P…

Well starting all Latex document you always write a header, which indicates what kind of document are you going to write, it can be a book, article, paper or report. In latest versions there are few more document-class types. After define your header, you have to define the beginning as well as the end of the document, so your basic code should say…

   Hello world!

In order to see the result of this code, you have to save this code as a .tex file, after that compile it, there are several ways to do it, it basically depends of the kind of system that you are using. For linux/UNIX users you have to type these commands

latex name_of_the_file.tex (intro)

pdflatex name_of_the_file (no extention is required, intro)

acroreader name_of_the_file.pdf (intro)

The first command will compile and generate a .dvi file, which is a printable version of the code, the second shows you your document, and finally the third allows you to print your document, but if you are a linux user you know that it is possible to change it for a .ps document which means high quality for the printing…

If you are a windows user, well there are several programs such as winedit, that help you to type the commands aforementioned, basically you just push the button that say latex, dvi and pdf, as a secuence and voila, thats all… you have your .pdf document ready to be printed…

Of course if you are interested in write by far complex and high quality documents, you can add some libraries to your document that helps you to submit a high class document. There are quite a few libraries, so if you need or want some in specific you can check in

You can specify everything in your code such as font size, paper size, one or two side printed, etc…

\title{How to Structure a LaTeX Document}
\author{Andrew Roberts}
\date{December 2004}

The above commands make your life easier, and there are many more…

  \LaTeX{} is a document preparation system for the \TeX{} 
  typesetting program. It offers programmable desktop publishing 
  features and extensive facilities for automating most aspects of 
  typesetting and desktop publishing, including numbering and 
  cross-referencing, tables and figures, page layout, bibliographies, 
  and much more. \LaTeX{} was originally written in 1984 by Leslie 
  Lamport and has become the dominant method for using \TeX; few 
  people write in plain \TeX{} anymore. The current version is 
  % This is a comment; it is not shown in the final output.
  % The following shows a little of the typesetting power of LaTeX
    E &= mc^2                              \\
    m &= \frac{m_0}{\sqrt{1-\frac{v^2}{c^2}}}

Copy the above example, compile it and print it… it is just the beginning….

The above example has been copied from wikipedia/latex, as it is under creative commons license we can use it in order to learn and improve our knowledge.

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Trip to China 1/?

Well guys a few pics have been edited and I want to share them with you…

Everything started when I arrived the 17 of December in Foshan, China. As I couldn’t sleep to much in the flight I started to read “Las buenas conciencias” by Carlos Fuentes when I was flying over the Gobi desert…. anyway after arrived in Foshan I was mesmerized by the number of cranes all over the road building lots of apartments, offices, etc…

In Foshan we were to the temple, here is a pic of the place…

A magnificent place, allocated in the heart of Foshan....

After be there for a couple of days we move towards Lijiang near to the Tibet (around 1000 km ;P)… I most say I’m quite impresive, we had some problems at the time of check-in with China Southern Airlines, we need to change the plane in a place called Guiyang, and when we landing just after came out of the place a coupled of guys were waiting for us (from the company) to fix all our problems, to give us the new tickets, gate and departure time towards Lijiang. This is something that you can see by using BA.

Once in Lijiang…. see the pictures…


Well this is all for today, later on I will put more pics and the history behind…

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Hello chaps,

After a few days traveling over the wonderful China and some of its provinces, I want to share a couple of pics taken by my travel-mate…

Overview of this amazing place, by Yuyi Guo

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Random pics


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